Rejections and criticisms

I saw this video on Facebook the other day and I got hooked! I ended up watching a couple more videos of Jack Ma on Youtube.

We have been working as virtual professionals since 2011 and we still get rejected every once in a while. It’s okay. Yes, it’s okay. We can’t win every client. We know that and we acknowledge that. What we then do after hanging up the phone or after reading the rejection email, we analyze what transpired during the conversation then come up with a different strategy, a better plan and yell NEXXXXXXT!

Rejections challenge us to be better — to learn new skills, to apply new strategies and to improve our craft. It’s part of the process. Who knows? We may end up like Jack Ma one day.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, listen to every criticism and find a way to improve. Take every rejection positively and come up with a better version of you and your services. Acknowledge and adjust, that’s the secret.

What’s the latest rejection that you’ve encountered that really hit home? How did you overcome it?

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