Don’t be a Secret Real Estate Agent

Are you starting to work on your social media presence? Don’t forget to update your Facebook profile and bio too! This is a must!  Why? If you are posting relevant information on your FB feed, local FB groups and community chances are, people will view your profile. This is also one of the things that […]

How to Win More Clients?

Let’s admit it. The market is getting more and more competitive each day. Even if the market is saturated, here’s how you can win more clients: 💛 Develop a passion for learning and apply them.💛 Learn the new trends in the market and be an expert in your field.💛 Find time to improve your craft by taking some […]

Rejections and criticisms

I saw this video on Facebook the other day and I got hooked! I ended up watching a couple more videos of Jack Ma on Youtube. We have been working as virtual professionals since 2011 and we still get rejected every once in a while. It’s okay. Yes, it’s okay. We can’t win every client. […]

Website preview on social media

open graph

Perhaps, the most frustrating thing in designing websites is getting that consistent design across all platforms. I have recently felt this when I was setting up an Open Graph image on a client’s website ( — check it out and let me know what you think 🙂 ). If you do not know what Open […]

Capture that lead!

Are you having a hard time generating leads online and thinking that online marketing is expensive? Yes, it will be expensive if you’re not familiar with setting your online advertisement up.  On the bright side, there are a couple of ways to generate leads organically and here’s some things you can do: Increase your social media […]