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Are you having a hard time generating leads online and thinking that online marketing is expensive? Yes, it will be expensive if you’re not familiar with setting your online advertisement up. 

On the bright side, there are a couple of ways to generate leads organically and here’s some things you can do:

Increase your social media presence

Do you have a love and hate relationship with social media? Well, you got to start loving them more because it’s FREE advertising! Some leads are probably on stealth mode checking your profiles.  Update your profiles and think of a handle that is short, sweet and unique. 

Content Creation​
Content Creation​

Posting on Craigslist

This is not a crowd favorite and we know that this platform has a bad connotation. Surprisingly, however, most of the leads that you will get from Craigslist are investors and people who have 70/30 chances of buying a home and are looking for the best deal.

Posting on Craigslist however, takes a lot of time and of course, it’s one of the tasks that we can help you with. We also have an effective strategy that we have been doing for years. 

Lead generation - Craigslist
Lead generation – Craigslist

Videos — Go live!

Videos are definitely in. Most people are curious what your day is like and they want to take a peek of your world and it creates better engagement.

Clients would like to have an idea of how you look like in real life rather than a still photo on your business page.

Now is a great time to get your camera and say “Hi!” to the world. Who knows? You may go viral soon!

Photo and Video Editing
Photo and Video Editing

We’ll discuss more strategies in our blog soon.

Also, since you are here if you are VERY busy applying these tips, we’re definitely here to help you. Schedule a consultation and let us know what you need help with within your business. Let’s work together and strategize to help you increase your sales so you can have more time for your family & loved ones.

Talk to you soon! 

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